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October 4th - 6th, 2024

In Person Carleton University & Virtual

TIM at Carleton University

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About Us

Since 2017 Space Apps Ottawa is a local organization promoting events encouraging people to be passionate about space and science.

Our parent association is the Canadian Space Society, a registered not-for-profit and charity.


We have a large team of organizers and volunteers from all walks of life. Below are just a few of the people who work hard to make each year's event memorable and fun. Interested in helping out? Email us!

Organizer Nick Kellett
Nick Kellett

Founder and CEO Deploy Solutions

Depoly Solutions is a Canadian software company specializing in reducing software project failure rates. Nick is a software technologist, speaker, instructor, and blogger with twenty years of professional consulting experience across various industries.

Nick also enjoys blogging about space exploration, scuba diving, and travel.

Organizer Cory Mckinnon
Cory Mckinnon

Product Design Manager

Cory Mckinnon is a designer with a passion for complex systems, big data, AI/ML and solving problems.

Joined the Ottawa Space Apps team in 2019 as a mentor, helping teams ideate and narrow their problem statements to quickly tackle challenges. Cory has been following space exploration since 1995.

Before You Start Your Engines

Before You Start Your Engines

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