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October 4th - 6th, 2024

In Person Carleton University & Virtual

TIM at Carleton University

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Before the Event

Is this the NASA Space Apps hackathon, or something else?

Ottawa is one of over 200 cities participating in the NASA International Space Apps Challenge globally.

We also have lots of support from the Canadian Space Agency and other government departments and companies. So we like to think of this event as the NASA International Space Apps Challenge with a Canadian flavour!

Can a beginner like me enroll in the hackathon? I have little or no experience in programming.

Yes! Teams are free to create whatever solutions they want to the challenge they pick. Some solutions are technical and some aren't.

We are certain you will contribute to any team with your ideas, enthusiasm and skills. We welcome people with all kinds of experience and knowledge. This is a great (and fun) place to learn teamwork, problem solving, learn and practice new skills, and learn more about the space industry.

How much does the event cost?

It's completely free to participate. Our generous sponsors help us cover the costs and ensure the event remains free of charge.

Do I need a computer?

This year's event is entirely virtual. You will not be able to participate without access to a computer and internet connectivity.

Are you looking for volunteers or mentors?

Absolutely! Email us if you're interested in helping out at the event.

During the Event

Can I attend some or all of the event if I'm not registered?

Unfortunately you will only be able to attend if you've registered.

How do I form a team, and how big should it be?

Start by taking a good look through the challenges and select a few that interest you. At the start of the event, all registrants will receive login information to an online collaboration place, where prospective team members can share information together.

We recommend a team is at least 3 people, ideally 4-6. If there is a lot of demand for a particular challenge you can all work together but form sub-teams.

How will I know what someone else's specialty is?

Networking is important here. To put a great team together, you'll have to chat with people. Everybody has something they can offer. Before the event, we will explain how you can find team members or join an existing team.

What if we need help solving a challenge?

We have mentors and volunteers onsite all weekend - they can provide as much or as little help as you need. We have additional assistance from the Canadian Space Agency who can provide expert help on their challenges and data. And last but definitely not least, we encourage teams to help each other out over the weekend.

So if you get stuck there is somebody to help you get "unstuck"!

Can I share on my favourite social media?

Yes! Please consider using the #SpaceApps and #Ottawa hashtags. We have a presence on X., intstagram., and facbook.

After the event

What happens if my team gets selected by the local judges?

We have two kinds of challenge: NASA and CSA challenges. After the weekend, our local judges will review all team solutions and pick a shortlist for consideration by NASA or CSA. Those organizations will then review the finalists from each city and determine the overall winners. Details will be explained during the event.

While it's fun to be nominated and have a chance to win prizes, we can say from experience that the real goal of the weekend is to have fun, work together, get creative, and solve actual space problems!

Will info, pictures and video be posted after the event?

A short period after the event, we plan on posting information our attendees, teams, and winners. This may be available on our website as well as on our social media feeds.

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